Energy auditing
and management

Energy auditing

Comprehensive assessment and analysis of energy usage and the subsequent plan to reduce usage and cost. ARM will perform basic, detailed energy auditing and investment grade auditing (ASHRAE Level I, II & III Energy Audits).

Energy Management System/ ISO 50001

Developing Management Systems, Monitoring and Reporting of Energy Consumption, Registering Energy Saving Opportunities, and Assisting Industries and Organizations in obtaining ISO 50001

Energy Strategies

Setting out a structured program to reduce energy consumption and provide senior management support

Leader in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED)

Assisting organizations in delivering energy and water efficient, healthy, environmentally-friendly cost saving solutions and systems that will lead to certifying them.

Energy Efficient Solutions

Define priorities for reducing energy consumption and costs for simple and complex industrial operations as well as for construction projects

Energy Monitoring

Energy Measurement and Verifications at different locations within a project, whether a building or industrial facility.

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