Circular economy


The concept of the circular economy is a shift in business philosophy that recognizes the long-term harm that is caused by the old business paradigm of the linear economy based on the produce, use and throw away model to one in which the resources of the economy are kept in the cycle and creating benefits for as long as possible.
    • Eliminate single use products
    • Implement zero waste philosophy
    • Recover valuable components from waste that is unavoidable
    • Promotion of conservation of all water resources
    • Beneficial reuse of all wastewater effluents
    • Promotion of alternative farming and food production
    • Maximize the use of natural systems to treat waste streams and clean up accidental releases
    • Integrated business activities to reuse materials otherwise considered waste
    • Accelerate the availability and lower the cost of renewable energy
    • Monitor and document the return of investments to the profitability of the business, to the community, and to the global environment