Contractor Safety

Contractor Safety

Many organizations around the world use contractors on a daily basis for projects, building, construction and maintenance. The number of contractors has increased dramatically over the past few years and is placing a burden on organizations, as well as safety professionals, regarding contractor management and control. Health & Safety regulations require the client organisation to have some responsibility for contractor's activities. When an incident involving a contractor occurs on your premises, questions will be asked of you, the contractor and the contractors' employer regarding how their activities were managed.

The 3-day course is an introductory training program. It is geared to safety, health, environmental, and management personnel who have responsibility for the management and control of contractors at their facility. This course provides a basic understanding of some key safety and health terminology as well as an approach for dealing with contractors with emphasis on planning of contractor work, contractor selection, and management and control of contractors during the stages of the contract work.

You will be involved in your own learning experience through interactive, instructional exercises. Combined with information, these activities provide you with opportunities to apply newly learned skills and techniques to improve the safety of everyone operating for your organisation.

This course addresses the following topics related to the management and control of contractors:           

  • Key safety and health terminology.
  • Key principles for management of contractors.
  • Planning requirements for contractors.
  • Principles for contractor selection.
  • Pre-work activities before commencement of contractor work including method statements and risk assessments.
  • Requirements during contract work in the facility
  • Monitoring and review of contractor work and compliance

After successful completion of the course, participants will be awarded with an ARM – Associates Certificate of Completion.


3 Days