NSC DDC 8,6, 4 Hour program

NSC DDC 8,6, 4 Hour program

The NSC Defensive Driving Course, delivers the highest level of research-driven content, defensive driving strategies, hazard recognition and learner retention exercises. The multimedia presentation includes a full library of videos and interactive scenarios depicting today’s most risky driving behaviors, road situations, traffic incidents and more. The course can be delivered in 8-hour, 6-hour or 4-hours. The 8-hour class can be offered for new employee safety orientation, and then offer the 4-hour for refresher or post-incident training

The Course objectives include the ability to:

  • Understand the consequences of distracted, fatigued and impaired driving
  • Recognize the habits of defensive driving
  • Better understand vehicle technology and safety features
  • Identify personal driving behaviors and risk-taking tendencies
  • Improve hazard identification and assessing risks
  • Develop a personal plan for making effective driving choices

After successful completion of the course, participants will be awarded with an NSC Certificate of Completion.


8 hours / 6 hours / 4hours