Hazard Operability (HAZOP) Study

Hazard Operability (HAZOP) Study

HAZOP is an abbreviated term for HAZard and OPerability study. It is a technique that identifies the potential hazards and operating issues with the design and construction of equipment and plant. The study involves the interaction of a multi-disciplinary team. The identification is carried out using a series of keywords to examine deviations and their subsequent effects on the process as a whole. Once the hazard and operability concerns are identified, appropriate actions are recommended.

This 3-day HAZOP course introduces the concept of hazard assessment, process Hazard Analysis techniques and risk matrix and details of the HAZOP technique. A successful HAZOP is only possible if the study is effective..

Participants will:

  • Become familiar with the concepts of a HAZOP study
  • Understand the principles and methodology of a HAZOP study
  • Understand the requirements of management, preparation, planning, HAZOP team, documentation, as well the review of HAZOP study
  • Understand the methodology in conducting a process hazard review
  • Preparation and Organization ofPHA Studies
  • SelectionofStudyNodes / Design intent ofnode
  • Guidelines for managing the team
  • RecordingStudyResults / Maintaining Quality Control
  • Management of Results and Recommendations
  • CommunicationofResults to Management 

After successful completion of the course, participants will be awarded with an ARM – Associates Certificate of Completion.


1 Day