Water Supply and Sanitation
Study and Design of Water/ Wastewater Treatment Systems

  • Characterization of municipal and industrial wastewater
  • Treatment for domestic and industrial purposes
  • Sludge and bio-solids management
  • Storm water management
  • Groundwater monitoring plan preparation
  • Groundwater treatment evaluation
  • Groundwater contamination studies
  • Environmental Impact  Assessment and permitting
Monitoring and Evaluation of Water and Wastewater Projects

  • Evaluation of water and wastewater treatment projects and plants
  • Review of operations and maintenance systems
  • Water analysis and testing
  • Regulatory compliance reporting

Water Conservation and Management

  • Promotion of pollution prevention and water consumption minimization technologies to ensure environmental compliance and economic returns as an alternative to end-of-the-pipe treatment
  • Identification of opportunities for water reuse and recycling