ARM has been involved in all aspects of solid waste management, including collection, transportation, recycling, disposal and remediation. Professionalization services related to solid waste management include:

Solid waste
Solid Waste Management
  • Solid Waste Facility Planning/Permitting

  • Waste management planning and landfill site selection.

  • Odor, noise, and air emission assessment and abatement. Solid Waste System Design

  • Collection, transportation and transfer station.

  • Plastic, metal and glass recycling.

  • Composting and co-composting plant.

  • Landfill, leachate collection and treatment systems. 

  • Landfill gas collection and treatment/utilization. Monitoring and Evaluation of Waste Management Projects

  • Review and monitoring of the operations and maintenance of SWM systems

  • Regulatory compliance reporting. Post-Closure

  • Planning, design, implementation, and monitoring.