ARM provides regulatory compliance auditing and permitting services. ARM can provide full, ongoing compliance support to a wide variety of industrial facilities to manage their environmental systems. Areas covered include:


permitting, ambient and indoor air quality testing, indoor air quality testing, emission inventory, dispersion modeling, emission reduction program, emission control systems and programs.
Effluent characterization, permitting, pre-treatment and treatment in compliance with local regulations and standards, water reuse and recycling, water conservation, groundwater protection.
Solid/Hazardous Waste
Permitting, waste characterization and auditing, solid/hazardous waste management systems, waste minimization, recycling and composting, safe disposal.
Material Handling and Spill Control Programs
Drum management, accidental release/risk management, emergency response planning, MSDS management, and training.
Pollution Prevention and Waste Minimization
Promotion of pollution prevention and waste minimization technologies to ensure environmental compliance and economic returns as an alternative to end-of-the-pipe treatment.
Safety & Industrial
Workplace exposure monitoring, process safety management, health risk analysis, accident and injury investigation, emergency response planning, OSHA worker training program,compliance and noise monitoring.
Environmental and Social Impact Assessment
As per Equator Principle, World Bank and IFC guidelines.