ARM provides a wide variety of environmental engineering and management services to a number of private, public and the lending Institutions:

  • Environmental and Social Impact Assessment (ESIA) –in compliance with the Equator Principles (EP), IFC and World Bank guidelines, 
  • Environmental and Social Management Planning (ESMP)- for simple and complex industrial operations (OEMP) and construction projects (CEMP).
  • Environmental Baseline Studies (EBS) –covering atmospheric environment, soils, geology, physiography, ecology, water resource, environmentally sensitive areas, land use, socio-economic conditions, and seismic activities.
  • Environmental Risk Assessment (ERA) –to identify environmental risks and control measures in line with EMS and ISO 14001 requirements.
  • Environmental Emergency Response Planning (ERRP)–for construction projects and for operational facilities.
  • Analytical and Technical Services –Sampling and analysis, stack testing, predictive emission monitoring, ambient air quality monitoring, waste characterization and analysis, water and wastewater testing and noise monitoring.
  • Sustainability and Carbon Management Services – Carbon assessment, footprint calculation, developing carbon strategies, carbon reduction, tracking, trading and carbon offsets
  • Pollution Prevention and Waste Minimization – promotion of pollution prevention and waste minimization technologies to ensure environmental compliance and economic returns as an alternative to end-of-the-pipe treatment.