ARM provides clients with consulting and training services to help mitigate the risks of potential anti-corruption violations associated with business operations. ARM can assist in providing the training and tools needed by an organization to prevent, detect and investigate fraud.

ARM can assist clients in the following Areas:

  • Risk Assessment – Review functions and services such as Finance and Accounting, Human Resources Management, Purchasing and Contracting, and Information Technology.This will help in identifying internal control risks, Assess likelihood and significance of inherent fraud risk and respond to reasonably likely and significant inherent and residual fraud risks
  • Internal Controls –Assisting the organization in establishment and maintenance of a strong internal control system(s) to prevent fraud and corruption.
  • Identify potential issues surrounding an organization’s relationships  with subsidiaries, business partners, employees, agents and strategic alliances
  • Due diligence of an organization’s transactions
  • Program Development – Designing and developing programs that can help an organization identify, remediate and monitor risk, incorporating anti-bribery and corruption compliance policies, as well as effective detection and investigation procedures, into an organization’s anti-fraud strategy.