Be a world-class comprehensive professional consulting firm catering to every business area while providing a service of superior quality and operate in safe, environmentally friendly, energy efficient and sustainable manner.


ARM Associates offers governmental agencies, industrial complexes, the private sector and donor community a reliable, high-quality service with the aim of becoming the most renowned consulting firm in the fields of risk and management consulting covering: environmental, health & safety, and critical infrastructure security as well as management systems consultancy and implementation.
ARM Associates offers very high level of diversified experience and know-how, while maintaining the utmost concern for human resources, health&safety, environmental and social issues.



We will always act with honesty, integrity and apply high ethical standards in our relationships with all our stakeholders and clients


We will collaborate and communicate with each other across the company and with our partners to achieve success


We will always take care of our employees, the communities we touch and the environments we operate in


We will actively encourage leadership, innovation and initiative, and the sharing of ideas to achieve continuous improvement in every aspect of our business.


We will strive for excellence and to exceed on our promises to clients, shareholders, stakeholders and each other and will reward those who deliver.